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Client Stories

I was a victim of balance billing and called Health Help MS. I had a Medical Emergency, and the bill was $12,455.95. My insurance only paid $767.78 because the services were out of network, leaving me with a bill of $11,688.17.  Health Help assisted me with this issue and got the $11,688.17 bill down to $441.95. I was thrilled with the outcome.

Debbie H.

I was having trouble with my son’s Medicaid. He required specialized life-saving treatment in another state, and the hospital and I tried for over two weeks and could not get the services approved after numerous calls to the Medicaid office. I called Health Help MS, and they were able to navigate the system and find the root of the problem to help get the approval. I was very thankful for all the help provided to me by Health Help MS.

Sheri H.

I called Health Help MS seeking health insurance for my three children. They were able to go over eligibility guidelines to determine if my children were eligible for Medicaid. Health Help MS also helped me with the application process because I didn’t understand some of the questions. All three of my children were approved for Medicaid!

Brooklyn B.